Renting Part 1: Why speed is of the essence when finding a rental property

Finding the right disability property that suits the exact needs of the client can be a challenge at the best of times, but particularly so when there is so little stock on the market. Even where there is a property we feel might be suitable, arranging viewings can be hard work with so many estate agents still on furlough. Many are operating with a skeleton staff until it becomes apparent whether the current flurry of housing market activity is just a flash in the pan in response to lockdown restrictions easing or is more sustained.

It is just as well one of PLG’s greatest strengths is our ability to secure creative rental property solutions in record time for clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. How do we do this? Well, we are prepared to think outside the box in a dynamic way, generally enabling us to find answers to even the most difficult of situations (and in part two of this blog next week we will discuss how we do this in more detail).

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A Disability Property Rental with an Urgent Deadline

‘ENABLING’ the family to live together

Indeed, while it might appear to be a bold claim, we genuinely believe nobody can secure a rental property faster than us. For example, one recent London lockdown rental search took just eight days from us being instructed by the client to securing a property and signing on the dotted line. Even we were impressed by the speed of that one!

We are seeing an increased demand for rental property. Renting provides a short to medium-term solution while the property market takes shape post-lockdown, so it can be a practical option for many different types of buyer.

Good advice is as crucial when it comes to securing a rental property as it is a permanent home because adaptations to a rental property can transform something which is unsuitable into a far more positive proposition. Our in-house project management team is perfectly placed to undertake sometimes dramatic alterations in a way that gives landlords peace of mind, while also providing clients with a perfect short to mid-term home that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. If you get the right rental property, the client can start their rehabilitation at home or introduce the valuable care they need sooner than they otherwise would have done.

Low stock means fast turnaround times

The pandemic and ensuing lockdown has applied the brakes to the housing market; while the situation has eased a little, there is still a woeful shortage of stock. And when stock is low, reaction times are more important than ever. In most parts of the country, if you do not view a property within the first 24 to 48 hours of it coming to market, then you run the risk of missing out completely.

At PLG our nationwide team can react quicker than others because of our experience, size and the locations of our consultants. We know property and we know what is needed to find our clients suitable homes. In short, our speed, experience and knowledge is a combination that is unique.
Great relationships with agents

As well as being able to move quickly to secure a property when it becomes available, it is essential to develop great relationships with agents. This means being in regular contact with agents, rentals are a fast-moving market so we need to ensure we are at the top of the list if anything even remotely suitable becomes available. It’s about explaining to them, and to landlords, that our clients are the strongest tenants they ae likely to find, even if they haven’t come across them before.

Can we help?

The property market is challenging but the PLG team’s ability to find solutions which might not be clear and obvious is just one of the things that sets us apart. We’ve had our busiest year ever and are keen to help even more clients find the right rental property or indeed forever home. If you need assistance with a search, require some advice or just have a simple property query, we’re always ready, willing and able to help so please get in touch.

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