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Agreeing a deal is very often the easy part of a property transaction. Getting a tenancy completed or contracts exchanged on a sale is often less straightforward. Whatever the type of transaction there is always an element of the unknown whether from a financial perspective or issues as part of a chain.

Our clients represent the most secure tenant you could wish for and when buying we don’t have the issues created by long chains or a mortgage application.

working with agents

Sales and Letting agents across the UK work closely with us to make sure deals happen and, whilst we represent the person with a disability, we know that the only good deal is one that completes.

We complement your expertise and knowledge of the market to ensure this is as smooth a process as possible for all parties. We aim to work closely with you to ensure a steady stream of accurate information throughout the process. Put simply, we all want the same thing!

finding the right property

Our role is to secure the right property for the person with disabilities. That could be a secure rental accommodation which may require some adaptation, or their forever home.

The chosen property must be based on what is best for the needs of the person with disabilities we are assisting, based on professional advice from Surveyors, Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists.

The potential purchaser has likely been in a serious accident. They’re unable to view the properties themselves so we take photos and videos of prospective properties to establish which ones are the most suitable without encountering the difficulties of leaving home. If we’re bringing our client, it means we’re serious. We keep the lines of communication open with all parties to ensure everyone is kept up to date.

securing a tenancy or transaction

The potential tenant will pay their rent or purchase their new home using funds that forms part of their compensation from their litigation case. They are in a strong financial position and are a strong client in a competitive market. We work together to make these transactions as straight forward as possible.

What makes our clients different?

  • Financially secure tenants and mortgage free purchasers
  • No pressure or delays caused by chains.
  • Clear communication from the outset
  • We’re all working together to provide a fresh start for families that have suffered a catastrophic injury
  • We’re working with you to make things happen
  • We have almost 100 years of property/agency experience in our team

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