Selling hope

Vendors across the UK rely on us to represent the person with additional needs—a financially-secure buyer with a genuine need to purchase a forever home.

working with vendors

We represent the person with disabilities when searching for their forever home, and work with you to make this transaction happen.

finding the perfect property

As every property we adapt is unique to each individual’s needs, finding the right property for the people with disabilities we represent is essential. We know the right home can restore quality of life. We aim to ensure open lines of communication and that all parties are fully up to date.

Our briefs are very specific. We must consider the person with disabilities and their family, as well as what’s best for their needs based on professional advice from occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

To keep the sale process running smoothy we take photographs and videos of the property to show to the buyer who may not be able to access the house themselves – it is likely that they have been in a serious accident and, so we need visual reference points to help secure a sale as soon as possible.

securing the sale

Those we represent are some of the strongest buyers in the market. The person with additional needs will pay for their new home using funds from their litigation case, making them a financially secure, cash buyer. Plus, they aren’t usually in a chain. It means that once a home is deemed suitable and approved by the person with disabilities and their legal team, the transaction can complete.

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We find and create the perfect property for people living with disabilities. Whenever they need us, wherever they need us.

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