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Finding the perfect property

PLG Consultants have a dedicated team of experts who offer a comprehensive property finding service that ensures our clients find a home that meets their exact needs. Our team utilises their in-depth knowledge of the housing market and existing industry relationships to identify the most suitable options for people living with disabilities.

We are here to assist at every step of the journey – from researching the market, evaluating the possibilities, to renting a temporary space before purchasing a forever home.

Researching the market

As disability property specialists, our primary mission is to assist individuals living with disabilities in finding suitable properties that meet their unique requirements. Whether it’s a fully accessible forever home or a suitably adapted rental for the interim, we invest time in understanding their clinical needs and lifestyle choices to find the most suitable home.

We initiate the research process by focussing on the client to fully understand their needs, desired location, preferences, necessary care packages, and how we can support their family during this crucial time. By collaborating closely with the individual and their family from the outset, we gain invaluable insights that inform our market search, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific needs.

Once we identify a potential property, we continue to work diligently with all parties involved in the purchase or rental process until negotiations are successfully concluded.

Our unwavering dedication to the property search process, ultimately leads to the place our clients call home.

Evaluating the possible

We provide a clear and concise view of the current market for each and every client, setting expectations for what is possible and within budget.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of all available information, including geographic and demographic analysis, as well as past and present sales data. This data forms an integral part of our process, enabling us to make informed decisions when searching for a suitable property.

We take pride in offering different forms of reports and analyses tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our comprehensive services include:

Property search review – Outlines potential properties within a set search area, their suitability and the potential adaptations that could be made.

Property search analysis – Provides specialist local knowledge of the market within the search area, market trends and statistics, and budget requirements.

PPR the pre-purchase report – An in-depth review of structural composition, the neighbourhood, and vital information for the design and tender stage. It also ensures the price paid reflects the accurate state of the property.

Suitability reports –These look at how a property can be made to work for the client by providing an initial design and an estimated cost plan.

Renting a suitable property

When a person living with disabilities is unable to move into their forever home straight away, we often need to secure suitable rental accommodation—and fast. This is so they can receive the necessary care and therapy packages as soon as possible to maximise their potential.

Whether a short-term contract or a multi-year agreement, we approach each tenancy on an individual basis to make renting a viable short- to mid-term option for those with additional needs.

We represent the individual throughout the entire process, as we manage and negotiate the tenancy. This includes working with letting agents and landlords to agree on the necessary property adaptations. We always ensure that the reinstatement provisions at the end of the tenancy are considered at the start. This way everyone knows what is happening on the way in, and more importantly, on the way out of the tenancy.

buying a forever home

We base every property search on the specific needs of each individual. This includes considerations such as wheelchair access, space for a lift, accessible bathrooms and room for a hydrotherapy pool.

Many of our clients are unable to view the properties we find themselves, so we take on the responsibility of conducting viewings on their behalf. After careful evaluation, we can then report back with detailed summaries on the location, care options, schooling, family dynamics, and the property itself.

Throughout the entire process, we ensure the active involvement of the individual buyer. Open communication and transparency are fundamental to our approach, and we work closely with estate agents and vendors to effectively manage every purchase.

We believe in a collaborative approach to ensure the best outcomes for our clients and actively engage with solicitors, deputies, case managers, and therapists to provide everyone with the support and guidance they need, every step of the way.

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