Working with landlords

Landlords across the UK rely on us to protect the integrity of their properties when making adaptations for disabled living. Whilst we represent the person with disabilities, when searching for a rental property that can be made right for them, members of the PLG Team are also Landlords too and know what is important to make things work on all sides.

This level of thought and experience is probably why we agree more rentals for disability clients than anyone else in the UK.

finding the right rental in record time

When a person with disabilities is unable to move into their future home straight away, we need to secure suitable rental accommodation—and fast. This is so they can receive the necessary care and therapy packages as soon as possible.

We understand the importance of securing the right tenants for your home and are keen to ensure that all parties benefit from the arrangement. This involves keeping all stakeholders in the loop at every stage of the process, aligning the procedures and requirements of the industry with the individual’s specific needs.

As the person has likely been in a serious accident, they’re often unable to view the properties themselves, which is where we come in to make the transaction as straight forward as possible for all concerned.

Securing a long-term tenancy

As a team that includes current landlords, we understand and address any concerns you may have.

Our clients are some of the most secure tenants you will come across in a complex property market. They will pay their rent using funds that forms part of their compensation from the litigation case. It means you benefit from the security of a long-term tenancy, and from a financially secure tenant.

making the necessary adaptations

We often need to adapt rental properties to restore quality of life for the person with disabilities and their family. These adaptations are completed under a JCT contract, which we project manage from start to finish.

Any adaptations required are agreed with the landlord and detailed within the AST agreement to protect both parties, with no works being undertaken until the tenancy starts.

This creates a safe haven for the individual in a place they could proudly call home.

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