Bespoke Reports

confidence in finding and adapting properties

To support decision-making, we offer a range of bespoke reports that help to provide confidence that chosen properties can be adapted and within the budget.

Bespoke reports include:

  • Property Market Analysis  – outlines the current property market and budgets required to secure a suitable purchase or rental property within a specific area.
  • Property Search Review – is a desktop review of the market to assess the variety of properties available in the desired search area. It helps identify the likely cost and availability of properties for rental or purchase.
  • Property Search Report – provides a summary of a property search and outlines why a particular property should be or has been secured. This may be used to evidence a need for an increased budget.
  • Feasibility Report – determines whether it is possible for a property or an element of a property to be adapted to meet the clients’ needs. It recommends how the adaptations can be achieved.
  • Suitability Report – an in-depth review of how a proposed purchase property can be adapted and extended to provide suitable accommodation for the client. The report includes sketches and costings.
  • Pre-Purchase Report – covers all aspects of the property from the structural composition of the property to the general neighbourhood. The report can be used as a negotiating tool with the vendor and for determining an estimated budget before the design and tender stages.

With years of industry experience in property finding and architectural design, we’re happy to offer our guidance on the suitability of a property and how it can be adapted.

To find out more about how these reports can help you, or how we can advise in adapting homes to make them accessible, contact us.’

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