Deputies and court of protection teams

A helping hand

Appointed Deputies rely on us to solve any complexities or challenges they may face around cases which involve a person with disabilities.

working with Deputies

We work alongside you through the entire process and understand fully the responsibilities that the role of a Deputy brings. We protect this and also take responsibility for finding and creating the perfect property whilst ensuring that the information to support the decision-making process is provided.

Ready for tomorrow on today's budget

From sourcing temporary rental properties that can be suitably adapted to designing aspirational, award-winning forever homes, we understand the importance of creating a space that’s not only ready for tomorrow, but is in line with the budget set today.

Solving complex housing needs is our dedicated team’s speciality. Every recommendation we make to you will be provided with a full breakdown and analysis in black and white.

ensuring suitability

Our role is to restore quality of life at this crucial time. Expect regular, accurate updates from us on the proposed property’s suitability for the your client, helping them to move forward positively.

We work directly with you, your client and their family to create a safe haven that’s ready to be lived in, loved, and enjoyed.

Meet the team

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Phillip Gill

Managing Director
Glenn Hotchin

Glenn Hotchin


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We find and create the perfect property for people living with disabilities. Whenever they need us, wherever they need us.

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