Renting Part 2: Thinking outside the box

One of PLG’s greatest strengths is our ability to secure creative rental property solutions in record time for clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We do this by thinking outside the box in a dynamic way, enabling us to find answers to even the most difficult of situations.

We discussed in last week’s blog about how speed is of the essence in this challenging market. Because there is a shortage of decent rental stock we are having to come up with increasingly creative solutions to ensure our clients, who often need to move fairly quickly, can get the property they need.

In these times, speed is of the essence and we can move quickly because we have accurate searches that are managed properly, often viewing a property within 24 hours of it becoming available with our team of consultants, getting the search right is crucial to our success. We invest a lot of effort in establishing the search criteria at the outset and ensuring suitable parameters are set.

In our experience, taking control of your rental property search means focusing on:

  • The level of the accommodation required
  • Available budgets and litigation considerations


Focus on these key areas and you avoid getting bogged down, enabling the search to move faster. It makes it less challenging, especially in more urban areas where a rental search can be particularly daunting. All of this is underpinned and coupled with an extensive network of agent and property contacts across the country developed over the years.

Click the images below to read two of our many rental success stories.

Thinking outside the box
This leads us onto our next and perhaps most important point, there is no such thing as the perfect rental property. Perfect is reserved for forever homes and PLG can also help our clients find those, of course. With a rental, we are meeting a client’s needs in the short to medium-term, although typically this is up to two years so is still a reasonable period of time and it’s important that the property is right for them.

Most people are in rental accommodation longer than they anticipate because the process of buying and adapting a forever property takes longer than most people expect. Given the lack of stock, while the needs of our clients remain as high as ever before, this might mean looking at the accommodation available and finding an alternative way to make it work. If a house is spread out over more than one level, for example, could a garage or utility room be converted to provide a ground-floor wet room?

What happens next?
Once we have found the right rental property, the next step is to negotiate the tenancy agreement to ensure that our client is in the strongest possible position. In next week’s final rental blog we look at what happens next, ensuring that our clients are not asked for several months’ rent upfront or for a solicitor to act as a guarantor.

Can we help?

The property market is likely to remain challenging for the foreseeable future but the PLG team’s ability to find solutions which might not be clear and obvious is just one of the things that sets us apart. We may have had our busiest year ever but we are keen to help more clients find the right rental property. If you need assistance with a search for a rental or forever home, require some advice or have a simple property query, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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