United Nations International Day of Persons with Disability.

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December 3rd marks the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disability. Across the World there are more than one billion people living with disabilities and yet the United Nations notes that they can be some of the most excluded and socially isolated groups in society.

At PLG we seek to ensure that people with disabilities have the best chances of leading as normal a life as possible and achieving their potential by providing them with a home where they feel empowered, whether that is in the choice of location and what adaptations are made, or what the property will enable them to be going forward. One of the key elements is to make sure that they are never socially isolated with space for them to live with family entertain friends and enjoy all of the things that many of us understandably take for granted.

Phill Gill, Managing Director of PLG talks about what this means to him.

We have seen close up how a catastrophic injury can change the life of a disabled person overnight, often meaning that the disabled person is unlikely to be able to return to the home they had and live the life they had, with the people they love. It has utterly devastating consequences not only on the person with disabilities but also their family. Others who suffer life changing injuries as a consequence of medical negligence may struggle on in unsuitable accommodation while they litigate trying to establish liability which can take years.

And knowing what challenges these people face in their everyday life means that the work we do at PLG is so much more rewarding for us. Seeking, locating and adapting properties for our clients whether that is for rent or as a ‘forever’ home, is not just about acquiring a new home; it is all about transforming lives and making a completely new and positive start for our clients and their loved ones, where they can access the therapies and start a more inclusive life within the community. Phill goes on to say, http://www.plg.uk

We are there for the client and their family all the way and I can honestly say that whatever I have been involved in, personally and professionally over the years, none of them come close to the reward of helping our clients and their families transform their lives in their new homes. It makes what I do the most rewarding work I have ever done and I know that everyone in our team feels the same. The day we hand over the keys to an adapted property is not just about handing over the keys to a new home, it is about unlocking the start to a new life and empowering our disabled client to achieve their potential within their home and the wider community.

We like to think we are doing our bit at PLG to meet the UNs challenge to enhance inclusivity and quality of life for our disabled clients. That said, we certainly never rest on our laurels and are always striving to find new and innovative ways to ensure that homes for our clients, and that’s just how it should be.

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