The Secrets of Finding Suitable Property – 10 things to do before you begin a property search

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As part of our series on finding suitable properties if you have a disability or clinical requirements, we’re sharing some of the insight we’ve acquired from years of experience as the UK’s leading disability property specialist.

Today, we’re looking at what you need to think about and how you need to prepare before you even begin your search. By doing this, not only will you save yourself time and effort finding the perfect property, but you’ll also be in a much better position to progress an application or offer when you do find a property you like.

So, here are the 10 things you need to think about before you start your property search.

1. Ask yourself – where do I want to live?

This may sound obvious but try to think about particular locations – do you need strong public transport links to a particular place, or is there anywhere you would like to avoid?

2. Ask yourself – what do I need?

Again, this may seem obvious but start thinking about your particular requirements. Do you require wheelchair access or specialist facilities, such as a wet room or hoist?

3. Make a list of all of the attributes you want

Put this together into one list of everything you’re looking for from a property – then you can begin to assess your priorities.

4. What are the essentials?

5. What are the nice-to-haves?

6. What can you do without?

Think about all of these attributes – what is most important to you? If you have a list of 10 things that you want in a property, you may only find 6 or 7 those, so consider what you really need.

7. Think like an estate agent – what do they need to know about you and your life?

Remember, an estate agent may not understand your requirements so put yourself in their shoes and think about the information they need.

8. Set a strong brief for your estate agent

Once you have all this information, it’s important to set a clear brief for the estate agent – remember, communication is king!

9. Build a relationship with your estate agent

Don’t let yourself be labelled as a difficult customer – tell the estate agent about yourself, your story and try to build a connection with them so that they want to help you in your search.

10. Be available and patient

Remember, estate agents may not be informed about your clinical requirements. Try to be patient and ensure that if they suggest something that doesn’t meet your needs, you clearly explain why it isn’t suitable and what you’re looking for instead.

By doing all of this, you’ll be in a strong position to begin your search and will have all the answers you need to start looking for the perfect property.

Next, we’ll be looking at the technology and tools you can use to make your search easier, as well as some negotiating tips for securing a purchase or sale.

If you’d like to see our full seminar about the secrets to finding suitable property, which we presented at Naidex 44 in April, you can see the slides from the presentation here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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