Negotiating a complex disability property rental

At PLG Consultants, we’re proud to have helped shape the market of what can be done with rental properties and adaptations – making what others thought impossible, possible.

Almost all of our clients come to us with complex and individual needs, which can restrict or impede their search for a home. Sometimes, that also includes working to urgent deadlines; deadlines that even some in the industry would think are unachievable.

It is our unrivalled knowledge of the disability homes to rent sector, however, that helps us respond effectively and promptly in a competitive and fast-moving industry. There are few better examples of this than a case in December 2017, which went right down to the wire – literally, our last phone call of the year!

Finding a suitable rental property for a disabled person

In November 2017, we were approached with details of a tetraplegic client based in London, whose current tenancy was unexpectedly due to expire in December due to the refurbishment of the property they were currently occupying.

Though there was access to a large rental budget, the reality of the situation – finding a suitably sized property that allowed the client manoeuvrability at short notice – made this a very difficult task.

In cases like this, time and urgency are of utmost importance. Our team set to work, conducting detailed searches in the Westminster and central London area. The more specific the needs and requirements, the more complex the search becomes, however, our experts were able to identify a suitable property and set up an initial viewing the next day.

Working and negotiating with estate agents

Disability Property Rental - Central London 9Our insight and expertise help inform whether or not we think a property is suitable, but we also work extremely closely with case managers, occupational therapists or members of the client’s family. In this case, we immediately expressed interest with the agent whilst arranging a second viewing with the case manager.

With the approval of the case manager, we submitted an offer only to be informed that there was another offer in place. At this point, our expertise and knowledge of working with estate agents was crucial, as we negotiated the offer and terms of the tenancy.

Typically, estate agents are unfamiliar dealing with disability rentals and tenancies. This particular client also required additional clauses to tailor the tenancy, as well as issues surrounding their immigration status and right to rent, which further complicated the tenancy.

One of our team’s specialities, however, is in working with vendors or agents to highlight the stability of these tenancies and the clients we represent. By doing this, we were able to find a solution that worked for both parties and secure the property for our client.

Responding to setbacks and challenges in the disability property sector

Disability Property Rental - Central London 4There can often be unexpected developments in the disability property sector. With the move arranged and the client set to leave their previous property, we were met with a tremendous setback when the agent indicated that the tenancy would not be completed before January.

Resolving this issue so close to Christmas seemed impossible. Our team, however, knew that the client was depending on us to find a solution. Failing to do so would have represented significant distress and turmoil to them and their family, especially at that time of year.

Whilst many were winding down, we were down to the wire pushing the agent to get the correct documentation to force through the tenancy in time. That meant using our contacts to track down and speak directly with the owner of the estate agent whilst he was on holiday abroad to explain the situation, the impact this would have on our client and to make this a matter of urgency.

Changing the perception of what is possible for disability rentals

On Friday 22nd December, just 3 days before Christmas, we received confirmation that the tenancy had been completed and the client had moved in. It was our very last call of 2017, but it may have been one of the most important. 

We’re proud to have built a reputation upon addressing difficult issues that complicate a tenancy. This was a reminder of exactly what can be achieved and that every problem has a solution – in this case, the solution had a significantly positive impact on the client’s living conditions and quality of life. 

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