National bungalow shortage?


For many of our clients, bungalows offer the perfect accommodation solution, a living space all on one level which can be easily accessed throughout. Often sited on larger plots, they also offer the scope to be extended to allow for hydrotherapy or carer’s accommodation as well.

At PLG we love a bungalow. But only when they are designed with flair, thought and style!


Click the images to watch our case study video ‘When location is at the heart of a home’ to see the transformation from beige bungalow to fantastic family home.

But bungalows are becoming a scarce commodity. We understand that the number of single storey properties coming to market has dropped by 44% since 2016 and the demand is up by 63% compared to the five year average. And the largest number of people seeking single storey accommodation are retirees, people who are usually mortgage free and could make a cash offer so long as the price is right. And here’s the rub, the cost of single storey accommodation has soared in the last few years. And it’s not just because of the scarcity and popularity of single storey accommodation amongst the older population. As retirees have found it more difficult to downsize and free up larger homes for younger families, those families are now turning to compete for those bungalows that we at PLG love too, those big enough or with enough land to extend and adapt.

Our consultants also are noticing the scarcity of such properties as we do our property searches for clients and we recognise how popular they have become among all sections of the population.

Sandy’s story

Sandy’s story

Click the images to watch ‘Sandy’s story’, A new build project completed last year, that was built on a plot which previously houses a dilapidated chalet bungalow.

Into this housing frenzy comes the client with disabilities, who may well have the greatest need for single storey accommodation as compared to all those who are competing for it. But when it comes to negotiating on a purchase of a bungalow he or she is treated in the same way as any other purchaser competing for that property. We like to say that this is why having a skilled negotiator on your side is vital: someone who is experienced in making those property deals for people with disabilities.

The majority of our property finding team are former estate agents which means we know how agents think and that gives us a real edge in finding that gem and getting the deal over the line.

In the longer term we hope that planning authorities will recognise this shortage and allow for more single storey accommodation to be built, but in the meantime we’ll to give our clients the edge in what has become the febrile world of buying a bungalow.

“Working with PLG adapting my new home gave me the help and support I needed” Client, Russell L

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