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Charles and Jo have a wonderful son Kit, who in their words ‘made a stormy entrance into the world 13 years ago and has taught us everything we know. Kit has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and inspires us everyday.’  The family are an inspiration and feel they are so fortunate to be able to make Kit’s life as fulfilled as possible, they now want to change the lives of others.

This was the motivation behind their registered charity Ablestay. Their mission…  to address the inequality inherent to London’s accommodation scene, delivering a critical change to enforce accessibility in its true meaning.

This change is essential to pave the way to a more accessible, inclusive London and the wider world itself, impacting the lives of many who deserve so much better. Their ambition is to deliver luxury, self catering, accessible accommodation for people with complex physical disabilities, enabling them to finally explore our capital city with comfort and ease. In their son Kits powerful words, ‘I would love to stay to stay in London, go on the London eye, visit the science museum and do some stadium tours. Please help the charity Ablestay makes this possible for me and many others like me’.

How can you help achieve their goals?

AbleStay has purchased a single storey home in South West London and they now need your help to accelerate this vision and open the doors to London for the disabled community. They are hoping to raise £55,000 to complete the first phase which will provide the funds needed to finish adaptations to make the house fully accessible.

Through their undeniable determination and drive they have to date reached almost 60% of their goal on their crowdfunder page. With only two days remaining on the fundraiser, we wanted to reach out to see if you could help the family achieve their goal. More of their incredible story is accessible by clicking the link below. Please give generously to this extremely worthy cause. Click to access Ablestay’s Crowdfunder page (

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