Saboor’s Story

Finding a suitably large rental property in London, during Covid and just after Brexit which would need adaptation seemed like an impossible challenge. But PLG rose to that challenge and created a wonderful home for Saboor and his family.

Saboor had suffered a catastrophic injury which meant getting care and therapy in place for him as soon as possible was essential, whilst also continuing to live with his family. The one thing he really needed was plenty of space all on one level. But finding that type of property to rent in London, with parking adjacent is never easy.

During one of the lockdowns, a property came on the market for rent which PLG’s James Bovey thought just might fit the bill.

It was then a case of getting out to see it and discuss the adaptations needed with the landlord. The property had recently undergone renovation and had the benefit of underfloor heating so the landlord was not prepared for us to disturb these improvements. 

The solution? We asked our in house architectural team, who came up with the ingenious plan to build a room within a room.

So within one of the spacious downstairs rooms we created a wet room with a hoist that ran into the bedroom. We created superb ensuite accommodation on the ground floor for Saboor, whilst also satisfying the landlord. 

Everyone was happy!

As Saboor’s Dad said, we had made the impossible, possible. Take a look at our video and see for yourselves:
Watch Saboor’s Story: (

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