Leah’s Story

We like to think that we leave no stone uncovered in a property search but sometimes sheer luck can also play a significant part.

After a period of time living in a rental property that we adapted for her, a casual chat with a neighbour gave Leah a heads up that a bungalow just a few yards away might be for sale.

Fast forward a few months, and some careful negotiations with vendors and planners, and Leah had purchased her first property. She set to work and very quickly had demonstrated that she knew her own mind and had very firm ideas on how she wanted her new home to look. This is our ideal scenario as we love our clients to be involved and very much part of the whole process.



A close relationship with our design team, looking into every finish which Leah had in mind and piecing each part together, meant that the end product is a bespoke home that had been designed and built to her own specifications.

This project really demonstrates what can be achieved with vision, thought and the client being at the heart of the home.


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