Jake’s Story

“Now it’s finally here, it’s amazing” is what Jake’s mum and dad said when they saw his completed home. It has been a long journey but we are really proud to have been part of it, making Jake’s dream home a reality.

Jake’s parents located the ideal property just on the outskirts of the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster some time ago but although it had plenty of space, it needed some adaptation. And of course Jake also wanted his perfect hydrotherapy pool to be included. It was only then that PLG got involved.

And we are really proud of what we have achieved for Jake. He has all the space he needs for himself, his family and his extended family when they want to come round and stay. And his parents have the space to give Jake his independence whilst still being on hand. Jake can access all the property including much of the garden and he loves to be able to relax in his own hydrotherapy pool at the end of the day.

Everyone involved in the project has felt a deep sense of satisfaction on handing the property over to Jake and his family.

Our MD, Phill Gill says ”to be able to handover a project like this, at the very end of a journey, is something really special”


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