Two rental searches for a co-parenting family

An adapted bungalow

In this fast-moving market, getting a property located and then finalising the deal has never been more time pressured. Here at PLG, with over a hundred years of experience in the property market, we have rarely seen such a cut-throat market for both rental and purchase as we have been seeing in the last months. And when renting, because often we are looking at making some adaptations to the property, there are always more questions to answer.

We have recently experienced this for one of our clients, a young girl with cerebral palsy. We were approached to find a property to rent in the Chichester area and it was clear immediately that properties were being snapped up very quickly, quite often at more than the advertised cost. Once we located a property that had potential, we got a viewing as quickly as possible and then we literally sat in the car outside the house to get the deal over the line. This meant that on a Friday afternoon we needed the deputy at the end of the line to approve the deal, answer questions all the interested parties may have had, and make sure the agent was ready to be called to confirm the agreement. And that’s exactly what we did.

James Bovey, Head of Property Search at PLG, takes up the story:

The following Monday we returned to Chichester to meet face to face with the landlord to discuss the adaptations that we were proposing making which included a through floor lift and wet room. Much debate followed but by the end of the day we had a done deal. Our client was delighted and we were pretty chuffed at having got a great house at a good price and to be able to adapt just as we needed.

But this was not the end of the story. Shortly after this property was completed we we were asked by the same family to find a property for our client’s father so he could have his daughter to stay with him. Given it was the same geographic location we experienced similar issues with huge demand and very little stock.

Fortunately we were able to use our expertise and contacts to swiftly find an additional property that pretty much ticked every single box. We had to complete the deal on the rental fast so we did not lose what was a great property. James picks up the story again:
In situations like this all we can do is move as fast as we can, use holding fees and our vast expertise to give the agent full confidence that our clients are going to be the most secure and reliable tenants they can get.

As we have frequently mentioned in recent times, the market for rentals is tough, really tough, but to secure two properties, in the same location, for the same family in double quick time is just the sort of challenge we love at PLG so if you have a client who might benefit from our help please feel free to get in touch.

Property 1: For our Clients Mother, adaptions included the installation of a lift, installation of hoisting, creation of level access and the installation of accessible bathing.
Property 2: For our clients Father. This property is currently being adapted for our client. The scope of works include installation of level access, creation of suitable bathing and the installation of hoisting in the bedroom, bathroom and therapy area. ‘‘I cant believe this is my house” Sandra, client.

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