New Build Project Inspired By Manchester United

Finding, designing and building a new home in Exmouth.

We were instructed by our clients Deputy to work with him and his support team to find, design and then build a new home in this coastal town following settlement of his case.

The extent of our client’s disability means he has very acute needs and the design and development of the house needed to create a home that not only met his clinical needs but also, as importantly, his tastes and interests.

Being an avid Manchester United fan meant his memorabilia was to take pride of place as was the bespoke cinema room where he could not only enjoy films but critically, the big games!

the solution

We found a derelict house in the centre of Exmouth that was a proposed development that had planning for 9 apartments. Working closely with the vendor and the client’s legal team and high level insurance contracts in Central London, we were able to overcome some serious issues relating to some trees on the boundary and then agree a deal to purchase the site and then re-addressed the planning. 

The current house was also a point of interest in the town and had the old highway wall running along its boundary, we worked closely with the local planning authority that met the requirements of all and the application was granted. 

The plot was split in 2 with the main house being developed along with a smaller 3 bedroom property for his Mother to maintain proximity and support. The main house provided a large master suite on the ground floor looking out over the patio, ample storage, kitchen, various utility facilities, lounge and carer’s office and day room. 

There is then lift access to the first floor which has a guest bedroom, carer’s bedroom, bathroom, therapy room, media hub and a bespoke cinema room.

The end result provides an uncompromised environment to live in at the heart of this picturesque town with all of our clients current and future needs catered for.

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