Locating a Suitable Rental Property During a House Purchase

A rental search for a client and her family in Sevenoaks, Kent

The project required securing a large family home that would be suitable for both our client and her family’s needs for the mid-term future prior to purchasing a property.

The family had a tight search area to ensure our client and her sibling could have access to all the amenities of their community, and the commute time both to school and work didn’t impact further on the family’s day.

the solution

PLG undertook a full review of the market and viewed a wide range of properties. Working with both the family and solicitors we were able to identify the main priorities that the family wanted (whilst within the guidelines set by the accommodation expert) and worked with the local agents to ensure that they had a developed understanding of the requirements. This relationship proved to be key, and allowed us access to properties not yet listed on the market – giving our clients first refusal in an extremely competitive and fast moving rental market.

the solution

Over the course of the search, several properties were shortlisted by the family and we undertook viewings of these properties reviewing the individual merits, and the adaption works that would be required to make it suitable. 

There were several standout properties which were equally suitable for the family, and after they had deliberated we began negotiations on their behalf to secure their preferred house.

Unfortunately, just prior to the tenancy agreement being reviewed, the landlord had to pull out of the transaction due to family issues, leaving the transaction to be put on hold indefinitely. 

The naturally left out clients in a state of uncertainty, should they wait and see if the landlord would relist the property, or pursue one of the other options they had also liked. 

Following lengthy discussions, the family decided to pursue their second option as not only was it ideally located, but it would also be available at an earlier date and available on a longer term let providing security.

We then proceeded to secure this property on their behalf, allowing for the required adaptions and the provision for the family pets to be taken into consideration in the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

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