Finding a rental property for an amputee client

Our client has faced life-changing challenges after sustaining multiple fractures and a brain injury in 2014.

In 2021 a further accident led to a below-knee amputation.

Until 2017, our client had been living in a supported living placement that provided the necessary assistance for his unique needs.

However, as time passed, it became evident that the property no longer adequately catered to his evolving requirements, and he needed to relocate by early May 2023.

PLG's Involvement

On 26th April 2023, PLG Consultants were instructed by Paul Withington, Case Manager at Harrison Associates, to find a suitable rental property that was wheelchair accessible.

Paul was first instructed by the client’s solicitor, Fiona Huddleston of Leigh Day at the end of October 2022. He himself had commenced a search for a rental property but was unable to find anything.

“The supported living apartment was wheelchair accessible with a level access shower but needed to be vacated by early May. I had tried to find somewhere, but it was proving difficult due to a lack of available rental properties in the area.”
– Paul Withington

Initially, Paul reached out to another company to help with the property search. Unfortunately, they informed him that they couldn’t offer their help. Having heard about PLG before, he decided to give them a try. To his relief, PLG responded promptly and assured him that they could help.

Property Finding

Glenn Hotchin, Director at PLG had the initial conversations with Paul, and explained that the team would be able to help, however, the tight timeframe of only 8 working days to find, secure, and facilitate the move posed a significant challenge. Glenn reviewed the practicality of such a timeline, considering the complexities of searching for a property and the potential need for adaptations.

The set of requirements for the property included level access or a ramp, an accessible wet room, and at least two bedrooms, one of which was to accommodate a personal assistant with a garden or outside area, ideally in the Loughborough area.

The Property Finding team immediately collaborated with Paul to define the search area and assess all bungalows currently listed for rent. A total of 21 properties were identified as potentially suitable, and immediate enquiries were made with the agents.

Less than 48 hours after receiving initial instructions, Property Consultant, Wayne was conducting the first viewings. However, it quickly became evident that the properties viewed were not suitable for the client’s unique needs. Amidst the search, one bungalow was highlighted, and the stakeholders were keen on its location.

PLG – Problem Solving

Efforts to arrange a viewing of this property were made difficult, as the agent cited pending access arrangements from the landlord. Undeterred, we persistently pressed for a viewing, only to be informed that approval from the landlord was necessary before granting access. To address this challenge, we sought to speak directly with the landlord, to discuss the financial feasibility and security of a tenancy. Eventually, Property Consultant, Ellie ,was able to discuss the situation with the landlords son and answer all of his questions and address his concerns, whilst the team continued to explore all other available options.

After persistent follow-ups, we received the news that the landlord would allow us to view the property and discuss it further.

In May 2023, Wayne conducted viewings of the preferred property, meeting with both the agent and the landlord. During the viewing, he captured photos and a video, which were subsequently uploaded to the client area of our website for review.

Offer and Acceptance

Following extensive discussions with the stakeholders on the Thursday and Friday, a decision was reached to submit an offer, seeking a 24-month term with a tenant-only break clause after 12 months.

On Monday, 15th May, the offer was accepted in principal and a holding fee was paid, so full referencing could commence.


James Bovey, Head of the Property Finding team met with Paul on Thursday, 18th June, to view the property and discuss potential adaptations. Understanding that some adaptations would be necessary during the tenancy, the clients team was keen to incorporate them in the tenancy paperwork from the outset, ensuring the landlord’s approval beforehand.

During the meeting with the landlords’ son, minor adaptations that would be needed were identified. We assured him that the property would be returned in the same condition as per the inventory and schedule of condition.

Meanwhile, we maintained communication with the agents, providing them with relevant information and necessary clauses for the tenancy paperwork.

James provided the landlord’s son with all the necessary information, and he provided a draft AST, which we meticulously reviewed to ensure the deputy’s position was protected.

The final AST was shared with the Deputy for their review and approval. With all necessary steps completed, the tenancy agreement was signed, and the move-in monies were paid, ready for the tenancy to commence in June 2023.

The successful search and securing of the property was achieved within a remarkable timeframe of just 6 weeks, a huge accomplishment given the complexities involved and the number of parties that needed to be satisfied; including the case manager, the client, his father, the deputy, the agent, as well as the landlord and his son.

Adapted Rental Property

The client has now moved into his property and settling in, along with his care team. He is also still close enough to his previous home, so can visit his friends regularly.

The new property is a spacious 4-bedroom bungalow that meets his specific needs. One of the most notable features is the wooden ramp installed at the side door, enabling easy access for a wheelchair. There are two additional ramps at the rear, giving safe access to the garden. An area of the garden has also been modified, replacing turf with concrete to facilitate smooth wheelchair navigation around the outside.

Inside, the property has undergone some small adaptations, including grab rails in the shower and a shower chair for his safety and comfort. There is a spacious hallway and sunroom to the back of the bungalow and a space for carers to stay and work.

For the client, an artist who passionately paints every day, perhaps the most significant aspect of the property is its size. With ample room, he now has a studio of his own. In his previous apartment, space was limited, and he had to resort to painting in his bedroom, which wasn’t ideal.

“Thanks to PLG’s dedicated efforts, my client is in a home where he can settle for at least the next 2 years. They diligently arranged viewings for various properties, navigating through a challenging rental market with limited options and a cautious landlord. PLG managed the entire search, ensuring the rent was affordable and securing the ideal place.” – Paul Withington



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