Our journey to create Jake’s forever home

“Something just clicked, and we thought this is just amazing!”. And now that it’s all completed, Jake and his family are “ecstatic”!

Not all PLG projects come through the PLG Property Search team and sometimes come to a project quite late in the day, however we are always delighted to be able to make that real difference to the client and their family.

Having been living in a house that just could not cater for Jake’s needs, his parents found the property which is now his forever home. Jake has cerebral palsy and has some challenging disabilities, but he is fiercely independent and certainly knows his own mind.

We love being part of the transformation the right home can make, and we are proud of being just a small part of Jake’s journey too.

Read more about Jake’s story by clicking the link below and look out for our video case study to be released next week.


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