Our journey to create Jake’s forever home

Jake with his parents

“Something just clicked and we thought this is just amazing!” And now that it’s all completed, Jake and his family are ecstatic!

Not all PLG projects come through the PLG Property Search team and sometimes come to a project quite late in the day, however we are always delighted to be able to make that real difference to the client and their family.

Having been living in a house that just could not cater for Jake’s needs, his parents found the property which is now his forever home. Jake has cerebral palsy and has some challenging disabilities but he is fiercely independent and certainly knows his own mind. So after his parents had found the perfect property not far from where they were living in Worcestershire, close to extended family and also to the countryside, we stepped in to make sure we could make Jake’s dreams come true.

The property was large enough to be adapted to accommodate Jake and his family. But it also had to have space for a carer and allow for his extended family to visit and stay. Crucially we needed to make sure that Jake could be as free and independent as possible and finally we needed to find a way to build Jake his very own hydrotherapy pool. After a long day at college, all Jake wanted to do was to come home and enjoy some relaxing hydrotherapy. So, we set out to create Jake’s perfect home.

Alison Pressley, one of our specialist architects, has ensured that Jake has the ability to access all parts of his home including the use of an amazing winding ramp into the garden, whilst also being able to be as independent as he wants to be.

Jake loves his independence and we wanted to make sure that he could be as safe as possible and as independent as possible. There is a large pond in the garden. It’s a great feature which we have kept but made safe for Jake. And there’s enough space for him to safely keep some animals in the future if he would like. Making sure that all areas of the property are safe as well as accessible for Jake has been crucial to set his parents’ minds at rest. They know that wherever he is, he will be safe.

Inside the house Jake can get about by himself which allows him to have some of his extended family round to stay. Jake’s mum and dad were really keen to ensure that Jake had as much freedom and independence as possible so they have their own spaces where they can go to leave Jake on his own or with his own friends when he wants.

He now has the ability to access the whole house and, best of all, after years of only being able to shower, he now has a bathroom with a proper bath.

Alison feels lucky to be able to part of Jake’s journey. It has been a privilege to help Jake get into a suitable property and give him the freedom and independence he so deserves to enjoy.

The property has meant that this young man can start the next part of his life journey with much more confidence and certainty and it also means that his parents can feel reassurance that he is safe and secure as well. As Jake’s Dad says Now that we are here, it’s amazing. It’s really going to help him.

Phill Gill MD of PLG handed over the property to Jake and his family. To be able to hand over a project like this at the very end of a journey is something really special. We really are in a privileged position to be able to affect people’s lives in such a way.

We love being part of the transformation the right home can make and we are pretty proud of being just a small part of Jake’s journey too.

** Look out for Jake’s story being released next week.


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