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Here at PLG, we are very excited to launch PLGtv, a new platform featuring and showcasing all the range of properties that PLG find and adapt for our clients, as well as the range of specialist services we offer. Featured on one area of our new website, we are delighted to take you on virtual tours of properties we have found and adapted for rental, as well as featuring the very special forever homes we are really proud to have been involved in creating. Best of all, our clients can play their part, which is so important to us, to share their stories.

Phill Gill, Managing Director, says PLGtv has been a long time in the making but we are delighted to be able to showcase all that we do in one place and in the right light, reflecting the importance of putting our clients’ needs and wishes at the centre of our projects.


Not only does the site feature some of the work that PLG has already been involved with, but it is also a go-to place for those starting out on the journey of finding that perfect home or trying to create a home with a difference. At PLG we want our clients to be as involved as much as they can in locating and creating their own homes. https://plg.uk/plg-tv/

So we have put together, here on PLGtv, pages giving clients top tips on how to use RightMove to find the types of homes they are looking for, and Pinterest to help them help us achieve the finished look.

PLG really believe that this empowers and motivates our clients and we love them being fully involved. And here on PLGtv our clients can find all they need all on one site, making that search or finding that look just a little bit easier.

We are really excited to be able to feature some of our clients who can share their delight in their new homes with us all, for the PLG team, this really is the best part of our job and, with PLGtv, we can share their happiness and excitement with so many more.

And PLGtv features regular blogs which reflect not only our take on the current property or construction news, but also PLG news which we are eager to share with our clients. And this is just the beginning – we have lots more exciting ideas evolving which we hope to feature on PLGtv in the near future. Watch this space!

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