National Institute for Conductive Education (NICE)

This month we are featuring the National Institute for Conductive Education (NICE) which assists both adults and children with movement disorders caused among other things by cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinsons and brain injury.

One of the main aims for NICE is to teach people with disabilities the full range of skills required to promote an active lifestyle thus equipping them with the confidence, personality and motor skills to lead a lifestyle which reflects their abilities and opens up new opportunities for equality and inclusion within society. At PLG we aim to help achieve these aspirations by adapting properties for both adults and children with varying disability – we know how important the right therapy and approach can be to improve lives.

We were delighted to speak to Dr Melanie Brown CEO of NICE about her experiences of lockdowns and how life is looking as we learn to live with Covid. Read more by clicking the link below:

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