Despite the Lockdown

…PLG’s project management team continues to grow. It is safe to say that at best it is an uncertain time for the construction industry but amid this unprecedented period in history, PLG’s project management team continues to expand and go from strength to strength.

The first quarter of the year saw a spike in demand for our services and we added a new team member, Paul, to join Simon and Richard on the in-house technical team to meet those demands. When it became clear that lockdown was on the way, we ensured that any project on the radar was fully measured and surveyed so that the team had continuity of work, wherever they became based from.

This resulted in us being able to make sure that momentum wasn’t lost, planning applications continued to be submitted and tender processes were not held up at all.

It wasn’t easy – far from it – but we have been thrilled with the outcome which has resulted in half a dozen successful applications and works already starting on other projects that could have been held up by many months.

100% success tailor-made

Not many architects can lay claim to a 100 per cent planning record but we are fiercely proud of ours stretching over eight years of business. First and foremost we have achieved this by working closely and collaboratively with planning authorities to deliver schemes which meet client needs. In addition to this, while also being sympathetic to their surroundings, each project benefits from individual and tailored designs, incorporating input from the client and stakeholders making each and every project unique.

With our projects, we focus on the individual and ensure that it is a bespoke design rather than simply a ‘battery farming architectural’ scheme that looks the same as many others before it. Essentially we know we are designing a home, not a hospital. While our clients will always have needs that have to be factored in, this doesn’t mean that their new home has to be clinical either. Many of them will have spent far too long in that sort of environment and our aim is always to ensure that their home is exactly what it should be, a home.

Taking a previous PLG Project from Concept to Completion:

A collaborative approach

Getting the property right requires the input of all stakeholders. Much of the equipment that is part and parcel of a client’s everyday life is clinical but they want it in a different, homely setting. Our architectural process is a round-table approach, with design based on the input of a whole plethora of people ranging from occupational therapists to those handling case management and the legal team. At the centre of this process however is the client and their family because ultimately it is their home and they have to live there. We figure out what we need to achieve and how best to deliver that but, while any compensation claim focusses on the individual and has to be fully considered, wherever possible it also has to work around the family.

Our clients love that we offer a full turn-key service following the search process which includes things like:

  • Feasibility and suitability reports
  • Initial designs
  • Planning applications
  • Tender preparation
  • Regular reports
  • Management of the building contract
  • Hands on project management
  • Post-completion support on lifelong homes

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Unlike some other architects, the PLG team is by necessity geared up for immediate response in critical cases to either facilitate a discharge from hospital or immediate move to a rental property. We are used to working closely with clients, their professional teams and contractors to ensure works are undertaken as quickly as possible. We are used to working within the confines of litigation, where expenses have to be reasonable, no gold taps or extravagant fixtures and fittings. Invariably it is about balance, bearing in mind what can be supported and recovered but it is then about using creativity to create a family and/or dream home.

Our vast experience in this field comes in useful where the client has recently suffered their injuries or has been living in unsuitable accommodation for a period of time, so not know what can be achieved. Part of the process is to show them what life can be like, working with their occupational therapists and case managers. A client may come to us with an idea or two but while we listen, we can also guide as we know from experience what the best solution is likely to be.
Taking a previous PLG Project from Concept to Completion:

Can we help?

The PLG architectural team operates nationally and we are always ready to do more. We are still recruiting to build the team further and help deliver the services our clients desperately need. Please get in touch if you think we can help your client with the design or adaptation of their new home or have any project-related queries that need answering. We’re a friendly bunch and always happy to offer an opinion whether we are instructed or not.

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