How mortgage rates have shaped housing for generations

A family unpack cardboard boxes following a house move

The relationship between mortgage rates and the housing market is a complex dance that has influenced homeowners for decades. Given the dramatic rises over the last 18 months, we thought it was worth exploring this connection from the 1990s to the present day. The Early 1990s The 1990s began with significant challenges for the UK […]

Empowering deaf and hard of hearing children with sign language

Every year, the International Week of Deaf People and International Sign Language Day serve as poignant reminders of the importance of inclusivity and communication in the world. This year, on International Sign Language Day, we speak to Debbie, wife of Director, Glenn Hotchin, and a Deaf Inclusion Worker at a mainstream primary school in Torbay, […]

Bank of England Interest Rate Announcement | 21st September 2023

Todays decision by the bank of England to hold the base rate at 5.25% has delivered an unexpected and pleasant surprise for Britain’s homeowners. Yesterdays slight drop in the rate of inflation will certainly have had an impact on the decision and over the last 2-3 weeks many lenders were already offering much better than […]

The Role of Accessible Kitchens for Families Living with Disabilities

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day, celebrated annually on September 13th, encourages children and young adults to get into the kitchen alongside their parents or guardians. While this day typically focusses on fostering a love for cooking, it also offers a unique opportunity to shed light on the importance of accessible kitchens in the […]

Making The Home Accessible with the use of Assistive Technology

In this guest article, Tim Barbary from Bay Camera and Communications LTD, one of the leading installers of assistive technology in the UK, discusses how devices in the home can help individuals living with disabilities regain their independence and make their home work for them. In an ever-evolving world driven by technological advancements, it’s essential […]

National Road Victim Month – August 2023

A driver in their car with their hand on the steering wheel

Each year, August marks National Road Victim Month, established in memory of Princess Diana, who passed away on the 31st of August 1997, and Bridget Driscoll who died on the 17th August 1896 and was the first recorded victim of a motor car accident. This month serves as an opportunity to reflect on the devastating impact of road traffic accidents and calls for heightened awareness and collective efforts to improve road safety.

Bank of England Interest Rate Announcement Comment

Today’s interest rate rise of 0.25% was lower than some expected but for Britain’s homeowners, and the housing market as a whole, the worst may yet be to come. It might be hard to believe but only 17 short months ago the rate was 0.25% so todays new rate of 5.25% represents a steeper and […]

House Transactions – can we speed up the process?

The latest property report from the Landmark Information Group looks at the complexities of the housing market and shares insights into the evolving dynamics of property transactions in England and Wales over a 15-year period, covering sales and purchases from 2007 to 2022. Amidst the wealth of data collected, a key point is that buyers […]

Anticipating future needs

In this article, Head of Architecture, Andrew Vallis discusses the importance of anticipating future needs and exploring the process of adapting homes to create inclusive spaces for individuals living with disabilities.