Brain & Spinal Injury Handbook 2023/2024

We are delighted to feature in the 2023/24 Brain and Spinal Injury Handbook. This annual publication is essential for patients, families, lawyers, case managers, rehabilitation providers, carers and all those affected by brain or spinal injury.

In this years’ annual publication, our Head of Architecture, Andrew Vallis, explores the multidisciplinary approach that PLG take to working with clients to create their forever accessible home following a life-changing injury or illness.

The skilled team at PLG includes a team of property search specialists, quantity surveyor, architects, architectural designers, and property coordinators. We are the largest firm of specialist disability architects in the UK, operating nationally to create unique and beautiful homes.

From property search to settling in, PLG are committed to enabling independent living by transforming properties to meet the needs of individuals with unique requirements following serious injury. Our dual division business comprises experienced Property Search and Architectural Teams with decades of experience who are dedicated to finding and creating accessible homes.

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