Shedding light on Gloweek!!

Halloween is scary to many but it had a different slant this year as it followed the clocks going back  meaning that the evenings get darker that much earlier. It will come as no surprise therefore that there is a rise in road traffic accidents causing catastrophic injuries to children. So at the Child Brain […]

India’s story

India’s Story Our delightful client India and her amazing Mum Emma have just made one of the most important moves of their lives, and it’s one we always get excited about at PLG: India has moved into her forever home. And we are thrilled for her!   Read more by clicking the link below: Link  

Will Ms ‘Truss’ be the structural support this government needs? –

Will Ms ‘Truss’ be the structural support this government needs? It has been a long time coming…..Finally after weeks of debate and argument as well as what has felt like a vacuum in the top job, we have a new Prime Minister. And we are taking a look at just what Prime Minister Truss will […]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

If You Can’t Stand the Heat… Stay cool!! That may be easier said than done but its safe to say that we’re all aware that July 2022 was not only been one of the driest months on record but it also is now renowned as the first time temperatures in the UK hit over 40° Celsius. […]

The cost of living crisis

Finding Rental Properties Today: What is the Answer? Unless you are in hiding deep underground (and to be honest who could blame anyone for doing just that?!!), the cost of living crisis is something that we are hearing about almost hourly whether it’s on news bulletins, in newspapers or the debates between prospective candidates to become […]

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF)

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF) is a charity founded in 1935 with an initial purpose to provide employment training for disabled people. Over the years QEF opened a sheltered workshop, a holiday home, a neuro rehabilitation, and mobility centre, and although centres have changed purpose over the years, QEF is still committed to helping disabled […]

Welsh Law to Change

On July 15th this year the law in relation to renting in Wales will change. The Renting Homes (Wales) Act will come into force on that day and will affect landlords and tenants both current and prospective.

Calvert Reconnections –

This month we are delighted to showcase the charity Calvert Reconnections which is an offshoot of the 40 year old Lake District Calvert Trust, best known for providing great outdoor holidays for those with a disability.

So Lonely…….

So Lonely……. You may not be aware, but this week has marked Loneliness Awareness week. We all know what it has felt like to be alone during the lockdowns of the pandemic or at the very least have been concerned about a loved one who was on their own during those dark days but to be lonely […]

Two rental searches for a co-parenting family

In this fast-moving market, getting a property located and then finalising the deal has never been more time pressured. Here at PLG, with over a hundred years of experience in the property market, we have rarely seen such a cut-throat market for both rental and purchase as we have been seeing in the last months. […]